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The fastest way to product match & search for in-stock products. Use our visual AI matching tool, learn about your favorite brands, download documentation, get inspired and order samples all in just a few clicks.

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See a color, grain, fabric, or pattern you like for your design project? Connect is the quickest way to find Royal Plywood's closest available match. Simply take a picture or upload an image and find the closest visual match from our stock in seconds.


Scan Mode

Royal Resource's Scan Mode allows you to scan products from our physical binder and provides you with full product descriptions, specifications and data sheets.


My Projects Dashboard

Organize, like and bookmark your favorite products. Your Dashboard will come complete with digital project folders for each of your accounts, where you can add inspiration, colors, textures, like and bookmark swatches and never lose track of them.

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Order Samples

Inside of your Royal Resource dashboard you'll be able to add items to your cart and Order Samples in just a few clicks.
That's not all, need help or have questions about our products simply contact one of our material consultants.

Expert Support

If you need help or have questions about our products simply contact one of our material consultants directly within Royal Resource.

Save Images

Did you find the perfect surface and you'd like to share it with your customer? Simply download and save high resolution image of any product.

AI Powered

Royal Resource leverages AI technology in order to help you find the most visually similar products in stock.


In-Stock Products








Get Inspired

Transform the world around you into an infinite source of inspiration. Simply take a picture and Royal Resource will search thousands of our in stock materials for the most accurate visual match.


Stay Up To Date

Built-In social media tabs keep you in the know. Instantly get the latest news from your favorite brands inside of Royal Resource.

Commercial clients of mine send photos they take in the field requesting a laminate spec number to match and quote from. I have been impressed with Royal Resource ease of use and ability to match photos I upload to items stocked at Royal Plywood.

Dan Pyle

Sales, A-LAM-COR

Using Connect Technology on the Royal Resource Platform and training my customers to use it has saved me uncountable hours of time. I figure between matching customer products, driving to pick up and/or drop off samples, and emails back and forth to get samples, I save at least 30 minutes a day on average. Then if I take into account the product information requests I get every day that are now on the Platform for the customers to retrieve by themselves, it saves even more time.

Scott Burns

Material Consultant, Royal Plywood Co.

I use Royal Resource daily and it saves me countless hours each week. Instead of searching our brand partners websites when I'm looking for swatches or application images I simply open Royal Resource and everything is there for me. I can easily bookmark, save and download images within the platform streamlining my content strategy.

Omar Gutierrez

Marketing, Royal Plywood Co.

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